About Me (abridged)

I am Catherine, sometimes Lainey. I’m artist living in Atlanta, Ga with my significant other (Jared) and we work in the film industry together.


What I’m about (condensed)

I’m trying to orchestrate a creative life, find what drives me, and not starve. Stay tuned to see how that’s working out.


Also passionate about

cooking, decorating, plants, travel, filmmaking, film watching, sewing, thrifting, crafting


Additional notes

  • Tendency towards introversion and being a homebody
  • Often overthinking, and getting anxiety
  • Feisty and hot-headed, but also lazy and lethargic
  • Silly.  But in a serious sense.


Here to share

Tutorials, reviews, recipes, goal progress, aesthetic finds


10 random likes

-The smell of paint

-Vintage dishware

-things that are iridescent/translucent/opalescent or shiny



-Hand bound books



-0.5 hb lead


10 random dislikes


-Plastic plants


-Almond flavored things


-Brutalist architecture

-Parlor games

-Synthetic fabric

-2h lead in any size

-Roller coasters


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